Iulia Udescu

Iulia Udescu (1979), Boekarest(ROM), Leeuwarden

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Waarom houd je van film en het laten zien van je favoriete films aan publiek?

The process of movie programming was a new experience for me. I found it interesting, but sometimes difficult, constantly revising my choices and polishing my ideas. The program I came up with is called SHH Express meaning that you are embarking on a bus trip to find different communities and rediscover the simplicity of happiness. 

The idea of this program came from the constant obsession with success and achieving high goals in life which our today society and media are obsessed with. While watching this selection of short movies, I would like the audience to feel grateful for what they have, even if maybe their lives are lacking in other aspects. I think this program would be really successful if the audience spreads its message to other people, daring to ask them”What is happiness for you?”.

At the same time, the program is meant to take you on a cultural journey, through 4 different countries that are very close to my heart. One of the reasons why I chose to participate in this festival was to create a program that showcases the differences and similarities between cultures.