14 & 15 October 2022. With special screenings on the 13th of October

This year, eight young programmers started making various film programs. There is something for everyone. The programs all consist of short films. In one evening you will be presented with between 5 and 7 films with an average duration of 70 minutes.

We strive to have province-wide locations, the goal is to have at least 50 showings this year at about 20 locations.

For the huiskamerfilmfestival of 13 – 16 October we have reached our capacity. You can still sign up for next events we will organise in the coming years. If you want to organise a HuiskamerFilmfestival at your location after Oktober, please fill in this form.

In principle, any house or location is eligible, as long as it has at least four walls and a ceiling. An office space, a church, shack, student room or an old barn is also possible. It is necessary to have a laptop and a good internet connection.

The coziest evening and/or night of the year, you get to know new people and a percentage of the money that the tickets bring in, plus €10.00 per showing.

A ticket for one showing costs €6.50, children’s tickets are available for €2,50. Here you can find the screenings

October 1, 2022 check out all the screenings and buy tickets here.

Tickets are for sale via the Huiskamerfilmfestival website, which you can pay via ideal or creditcard. The public shows the digital tickets at the location. There are a few locations where you can buy tickets on location

Short films can be seen at the film festival. These are films that are a maximum of 30 minutes long. We screen animation, fiction and documentary films. These are shown within various film programmes, in which about five to seven short films selected by one of the programmers.

We offer you a number of promotional materials such as posters, postcards and a ‘real estate’ sign. With this you can convince your entire neighbourhood, village or district to come to your own Living RoomFilmFestival.

We screen the best short films from around the world. So the language of each movie varies. All films are shown in the original language with English subtitles. In this way, the screenings are accessible to as many people as possible.

There are several programs. Some are 9+, 12+ or 16+, there are two children’s programs (6+ and 8+). Age advice and trigger warnings are included in the program descriptions

We are showing to CineKid programs for 6+ and 8+

This varies by location. Some locations sell food & drinks for during the screenings. Others ask you to bring your own. Take a good look at what your location offers.

That depends on the locations, this will be indicated on the website as soon as the locations are known.

Yes, we can provide you with program and the necessary information and expertise to host a festival in your village, neighbourhood or city. Sign up here, and we will get in touch.

Yes, we will organise more events in which we will do showings in Living Rooms, churches, galleries and other special locations. Follow us on Instagram or signup for our newsletter